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Namrun Dag Hotel

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Çamlıyayla (Namrun)

Namrun was the name of a plateau settlement in Tarsus. In 1991 it was upgraded as an administrative unit and its name was changed into Çamlıyayla. It is one of the oldest plateau settlements in the region. The town sits at an altitude of 1,100 meters and the surrounding landscape rises up to 1,400 meters.

In addition to some families from Tarsus who spend the summers here, there is also people who live all the year round. The population of the town is about 9,000. It is 60 kilometers to Tarsus and 90 kilometers to Mersin. The town is enveloped by forests on the Taurus Mountains.

The history of this settlement reaches back to very old times. It was probably settled during the period of Hittites and Assyrians. Later on it was ruled by the Crusaders, Seljuks, the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia and Karamanoğulları principality before being annexed to the territories of the Ottomans.

In the Hittite and Assyrian inscriptions the name of the settlement is mentioned as Ilibru.

The area came under Egyptian rule for a while during the wars between the Egyptian and the Ottoman armies.

In the summer the population of Çamlıyayla shoots up to 100,000 from 9,000 because in addition to people who have summerhouses here, there are also families who rent houses or stay at boarding houses and motels in the town to escape the summer heat of Çukurova. There are also a lot of restaurants in the town.

Rich Vegetation

The vegetation especially in the valley of Cehennem Deresi (Hell Stream) is untouched and it reminds one of tropical jungles.

There is a conservation area among the forests of Taurus cedars, Austrian pines and fir trees where wild goats are bred. Since 1989 the area is a controlled hunting zone.

Groups going on trekking on the Taurus Mountains also stop by here frequently. From here trekking tours are organized towards the regions of ÇiniligölCiniligol (Tiled Lake) and Karagöl (Black Lake) on the border with Niğde during summers. In the winter professional trekkers take the same course challenging the harsh conditions of the nature.

The Castle of Namrun (Lampron)

The castle of Namrun is the greatest historical heritage of the area. It was also the earliest human settlement here. The two northern towers made of hewn stones of the castle are in good condition. Round towers indicate that it was a typical Armenian castle built in 1045. The old name of the castle was Lampron.

The Castle of Sinap

This castle, which is located 6 kilometers northeast of Namrun is believed to be built in the Middle Ages to control the Silk Road. The three story castle has four towers.

Landmark Trees

There are impressive landmark trees in the region. The 1100-year old juniper (juniperus foetidissima) tree near Kozpinari along the Kadıncık Stream in Çamlıyayla, the 680-year old, 20-meter tall cedar tree with a diameter of 9.5 meters at Cocakdere and the 40-meter tall cedar with a diameter of 2.34 meters near Atauctu are the landmark trees of the region.

The Priest’s Garden

15 kilometers from the town center there is a picnic area accessible through a road with many bends. The area is called The Priest’s Garden. The place is covered with Turkish pines, fir and chestnut trees and hazelnuts and it also has a historical plane tree. There are fresh water springs all over the area that spreads over 10 hectares. The ice-cold waters of the springs merge together and fall into the Kadıncık Stream flowing over a rock making a small waterfall.

There is a restaurant at the picnic area that serves trout that is farmed here in the stream.

Kadıncık Stream and Cehennem Stream (Hell Stream) are the tributaries of the Berdan stream, which flows through the beautiful recreational park in Tarsus.

The Kadıncık Crater Lake

This crater lake is one of the glacier lakes on the Bolkar Mountains 2,500 above the sea level. The surrounding area is green with vegetation. Local people have given a nickname to this lake and they call it “Bottomless.”

Fine Embroidery

Fine embroidery is a tradition in this region. It is very famous throughout Turkey. You can buy pieces of embroidery in Camlikaya stores and also at the marketplace where women sell them. If you are an expert in embroidery, you won’t find the prices exorbitant compared to the incredible amount of work it needs to produce such a piece.